9th Annual

October 6 & 7,
   "Columbus Day Weekend"

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About Blues In The Schools Program

Blues In The Schools

Blues In The Schools Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver educational experiences for  students of all  ages with "The Blues", the roots and heritage of modern American music, in an effort to spark an interest in, and an appreciation for, all of the musical art forms.

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Blues music is America's music, and young people especially, should know about the musical heritage of  America and of the Blues. Educating them on how America's music has evolved and how the Blues forms the roots of today's popular music is important to us. The recognition and exposure that Blues music has recently received from advertising, and most recently from the award winning movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" has led more people to appreciate the sound, style, and art that defines the Blues.

Nat Dove

In 1978, the City of Chicago public schools introduced the "Blues in the Schools" program which is still going strong more than two decades later and has since spread all around the country and even around the world. In this program professional blues musicians are invited into schools to conduct classes on the history of the blues, famous blues musicians, different styles of blues, and how to write, sing and perform the blues. The ABS is proud to have such a program in place as well. In our program, local blues musicians combined with a culturally diverse all volunteer staff comprised of former educators, music professionals,  and other with a genuine interest in child development, are invited into schools to conduct  different programs tailored to specific age groups. While our program is in its infancy and just now beginning to obtain the required financial support required to put on these programs, we have been successful in conducting these session to several grateful audiences in many of the greater California School Systems.

Mick Martin

The CVBF feels it is beneficial to expose children whose musical experience may be limited to just what they hear from older siblings or what they may see and hear on commercial radio and TV to additional forms of  traditional music. We attempt to provide a small amount of the history behind the blues, a small amount about how the Blues has evolved to the music of today, a touch of music composition education all mixed together with a whole lot of fun.

Nat Dove and Mick Martin, Blues Artist, have been very instrumental in the  San  Joaquin  Central  Valley  and  Northern  California  areas representing and promoting the BIS program and can be contacted directly by clicking on their names to send email regarding information about the Blues In Schools program.

Our Blues in the Schools program will be held at Chenoweth School, Merced, Ca.
Teresa Saldivar-Morse Principal.

If you are interested in joining the fun and  providing a Tax Deductible Donation  for financial support for our program click on the link below. If you would like to volunteer to participate in our presentations, arrange for one of our events at your school or just to let us know what you think of our efforts, please contact us via e-mail at brandjmoffatt@yahoo.com,  or  call our CVBF hotline at (209) 383-4958 . Your message will  be passed on to the appropriate BITS or CVBF representative who will be happy to answer any questions about or discuss our programs with you.